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The IJP Centenary Conference:
Celebrating 100 years of The International Journal of Psychoanalysis

To celebrate its centenary, The International Journal of Psychoanalysis will be holding three conferences. The first conference, to be held in New York in October 2018, is in retreat format for participants.

The second conference will be held in Buenos Aires in April 2019, and the third conference, held in London in July 2019, will be our finale event. The London conference will include an optional half day on Psychoanalysis and Film.

In addition we will publish a special Centenary Issue of the Journal to mark the celebration.


“… Psycho-Analysis does not stay at abstractly affirming the two theses so painful to Narcissism — the psychical significance of sexuality and the unconsciousness of mental life — but rather proves them by means of a material that touches every individual personally and forces him to face these problems.”

Centred on these foundational features which make up the essence of psychoanalysis and looking at our take on them in the early part of the 21st century, we will explore what it means to encounter the unconscious with three major conferences in New York, Buenos Aires and London.

You are cordially invited to join us for this significant moment in the history of The International Journal of Psychoanalysis.

Themes that will be included in the IJP Centenary Conference

  • The unconsciousness of mental life
  • Psychical reality and trauma
  • The psychical significance of sexuality
  • Repetition and the death drive
  • The unconscious of the child
  • The body and its mysteries

Confirmed speakers and chairs

  • Alfred Margulies
  • Mitchell Wilson
  • David Tuckett
  • Lucy LaFarge
  • Jay Greenberg
  • Lawrence J. Brown
  • Donald Moss
  • Richard Simpson
  • Nancy Kulish
  • Wendy Katz
  • Jonathan Lear
  • Rachel Blass
  • Claudia Boresnsztejn
  • Jorge Maldonado
  • Bruce Reis
  • Dana Birksted-Breen
  • Gerhard Schneider
  • Riccardo Lombardi
  • Rodolfo Moguillansky
  • Ricardo Bernardi
  • Elizabeth Rocha Barros
  • José Carlos Calich
  • Rudi Vermote
  • Antonino Ferro
  • Margot Waddell
  • Robert Paul
  • Leticia Gloser
  • Raúl Hartke
  • Richard Zimmer
  • Judy Yanof
  • Steven Cooper
  • Ron Britton
  • Ignes Sodre
  • Dominique Scarfone
  • Catherine Chabert
  • Michael Šebek
  • Catalina Bronstein
  • Jorge Canestri
  • Peter Fonagy
  • Rosine Perelberg
  • Patrick Miller


19-20 OCTOBER 2018

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5 – 6 APRIL 2019

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20-21 JULY 2019

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