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International IJP Zoom Study Meetings – A New Forum Open to Subscribers

The International Journal of Psychoanalysis is initiating an exciting new venture – a forum for the discussion of papers recently published in the journal.

Three IJP Zoom Study Meetings will take place each year, where a recently published paper will be presented by the author and discussed by three psychoanalysts from different countries. The discussion will also be open to audience members.

These meetings will be open to **subscribers only, free of charge**, as part of their IJP subscription and, they will take place on the following dates:

1. 15 January 2022, 2-4pm GMT
2. 11 June 2022, 2-4pm BST
3. 15 October 2022, 2-4pm BST

Registration details below

As a special offer, for the first January meeting all subscribers from 2021 plus subscribers for 2022 will be able to join.

We are delighted to announce the line-up for the first meeting on 15th January 2022:


Sebastian Leikert will present his paper:
‘Encapsulated body engrams and somatic narration–Integrating body memory into psychoanalytic technique’
In conversation with: Patrick Miller, Catalina Bronstein and Marina Altmann


(Sebastian Leikert (2021) Encapsulated body engrams and somatic narration – Integrating body memory into psychoanalytic technique, The International Journal of Psychoanalysis https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00207578.2021.1927044)


Register for the event 

Click on the link: https://www.psychoanalystdatabase.com/pages/pg070Logon.aspx

Add your PADS username and password (received when you subscribed and registered to the IJP). Click on “New IJP Order”. Select IJP21C01 – IJP Jan Conference. Confirm T&Cs. Click Next. You will receive a receipt. Closer to the event you will be emailed a link to use on the day. If you cannot remember your PADS username and password Click the Forgot Username/Password? link and follow instructions.

If you encounter difficulties contact ijpsubscriptions@iopa.org.uk


How to subscribe to the IJP

There are two ways in which you can order a subscription to the IJP 2022:

  1. As a Society/ Institute/ Other Organisation member/ candidate

If you are a member or candidate of such an organisation, you will want to contact your organisation’s administrator in a first instance to express your interest in participating in the 2022 International Journal of Psychoanalysis group subscription. The subscriber lists are usually put together by the organisation starting from around late September, with a view of having all the necessary subscriber data returned to us by late December at the latest. Most organisations return their subscriber data around the end of November/ start of December, so be sure not to take any chances and contact your administrator as soon as possible to express interest!

  1. As an Individual Subscriber (whether full analyst or candidate)

If you are not a member or candidate of an organisation such as the ones listed above, you can, of course, still subscribe to the International Journal of Psychoanalysis! To do so, please contact ijpsubscriptions@iopa.org.uk

Of course, regardless of which group you most closely relate to at this time, voluntary attendance to our tri-annual Study Groups will always be included in your IJP 2022 subscription. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note: we encourage you to explore option 1 and to subscribe to the IJP through your organisation; the rates are much more favourable than subscribing as an individual.

For any general queries regarding IJP subscriptions contact – ijpsubscriptions@iopa.org.uk.