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What is PEP-Web?

We are very pleased to announce that all IJP volumes will now be fully available for society group subscribers through the the PEP-Web archive. This means IJP subscription access will now be via PEP-Web at All you have to do is to head over to that address and use the credentials you have been sent to log-in. If you are unsure of your credentials please visit enter your email and follow the lost password/username procedure

If you are also a PEP-Web subscriber then, for you, browsing and searching between all the other pep materials and the latest IJP volumes will be seamless. This includes IJP Open which is now also fully integrated into PEP-Web.

If you are not a PEP-Web subscriber, you will have access only to the IJP volumes between 2000 and the latest published volume. Note the first 2022 volumes will not be appearing until March 2002. To access IJP Open you need to register (free)

Please note that the above is for society group subscribers. University and public libraries will continue to access the IJP online at


The IJP and IJP Open are now both available on PEP-Web.

The PEP support page helps subscribers to IJP access all IJP volumes up to the most recent release on the PEP platform. For those who have only a PEP subscription, the welcome page is here – PEP users have access to archived IJP volumes and not to volumes published in the last three calendar years.

In order to access IJP and IJP Open on PEP, you will need to have a username and password for an active PEP account.

Find out here how to access the IJP: